Tri Aerogel Hair Finishing Spray, 10.5 fl oz

$16.50 (as of April 25, 2019, 1:30 am)


Tri products are formulated to exceed the performance expectations of the professional stylist. Years of research and high quality standards set tri apart from other hair care manufacturers. Not only does tri stand by the quality of their products, but they also take pride in the fact that no tri products are tested on animals and all are biodegradable with completely recyclable packaging. tri aerogel 9 ounce. Searching for the ultimate hair styling aid? One product to replace the five it’s taking you to create your current look you’ve been looking for aerogel. It’s a hair spray in a gel base. It works as a fixative, gel spray and root lifter all in one. Aerogel turns every design idea into natural looking reality.