Sarken Nutrition Stat Hair Detox Shampoo Kit Cleans Impurities From Hair Follicle

$19.00 (as of April 23, 2019, 11:52 pm)


Why is the STAT! Shampoo Kit preferred over other purification shampoos?As with all STAT! products, each STAT! Shampoo Kit formula has been scientifically prepared, refined, and extensively tested to ensure the MOST EFFECTIVE hair purification results.The STAT! Shampoo Kit provides a unique ALL-INCLUSIVE purification system for complete hair follicle cleansing. The kit contains two applications of our 2-stage cleansing system with easy-to-follow instructions.The STAT! Shampoo Kit deep cleans impurities from within the hair follicle. Don’t be fooled by other brands that merely mask impurities temporarily, or remove only surface impurities. The STAT! Shampoo Kit gets to the root!