Premium Microfiber Hair Towel Wraps Bundle

$11.99 (as of June 10, 2019, 3:33 am)


Cut hair drying time in half with our towels! And what’s more, the towel absorbs water quicker than you’ve ever seen with NO FRIZZ!

You will never have to make room in your schedule for washing your hair!! 

Unlike regular towels, our microfiber towel wrap ABSROBS up to 30oz/1 LITER of WATER per use due to our ultra quick absorbent fabric!

• With our professional coral fleece microfiber towel, frizz and headaches caused by having wet hair for hours will be things of the past!

• The microfiber is very gentle on the strands, maintains the curls, or the natural shape of the hair while minimizing damage done by hair tools that use heat.

• The super soft and fluffy fabric of the hair turban makes for a comfortable wear time.


1) Put it on

2) Twist the tail

3) Tie the elastic loop around the button


After 15-20 min, you will have beautiful slightly damp hair that you can further let air dry or blow dry to your desired look.

Suitable for any type & length of hair: CURLY, WAVY, LONG, SHORT, COARSE OR THIN! A curly girl method approved product! Can be used by women and children, adjustable size, big enough for natural hairstyles!

BONUS! Multi-purpose headband that will help in keeping the hair out of the way when applying makeup, masks or doing chores around the house. 

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