L ‘ERBOLARIO After-sun for Children Piccolosole After-sun softening, emollient with Rice, Mallow and Oat 125ml

$15.93 (as of May 10, 2019, 7:30 am)


So that your child can spend long and unforgettable summer days, finishing off with sweet, comfortably cool nights, this After-Sun product uses a range of emollient, replenishing and restorative functional substances. With each application on the delicate skin of children, Piccolosole gently softens and soothes redness caused by exposure to sun rays. In fact, it combines the properties of Mallow, Rice and Olive Oil with the protective and anti-radical virtues of Oat, as well as the super nourishing and elasticising verve of Babassu Oil. With well-moisturised, soft and fresh skin, the only reminder the summer will leave on your child’s perfect skin will be a light, golden tan. USE: After the usual evening shower, apply the product on your child’s body with ample and light strokes.