Jatai Feather Switch Blade Shears SH-130X

$65.99 (as of April 23, 2019, 2:28 am)


Jatai has created an innovative shear that addresses the most common problem stylists face. The Switch Blade Shears have replaceable blades so you never have to sharpen your shears again! Dull blades on shears take time to sharpen and even after sharpening you will never get that “fresh from the factory” cut back. With these shears, simply remove the dull blades and slide on new ones. You will virtually have a brand new set of shears every time. The blades are ice tempered and made in Japan so you know they will be of the best quality. Keep your shears for years and years with this unique feature.

Simply replace dull blades.
Easy to use.
No time wasted sharpening.
No need to send your shears out.
Keep your shears longer.
Replacing blades is like getting a brand new shear each time.
Japanese, ice tempered blades.
Save time and money.

NOTE: All shears are non-refundable if opened and/or used.

SKU: SH-130X