Guam Anti-cellulite Hot Mud Seaweed Body Wrap Natural Max Strength Cellulite Treatment Full Body Detox Spa Clay Mask… Price: $66.99 (as of 01/05/2021 14:10 PST- Details)

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FEATURES Reduction of cellulite and fat of the skin from the very first applications Fights free radicals improving skin tone With extract bioactivity from Guam Seaweed strong antioxidant power. The bioactivity extract originates from the patented process bioliquefazione dell’Alga Marina GUAM, which allows you to recover the active ingredients in highly available phytocomplexes. The extract obtained has an ORAC value of 1565 **, or an antioxidant and an ability to fight free radicals three times more than traditional extract (400 ORAC).