Essential Oil Diffuser Gift

$49.99 (as of May 16, 2019, 3:54 am) $19.99


An Easy Way to Keep A Pleasant Scent with You in Daily Life.

Pros of this item:
1. Bracelet has a normal length band. Now it more like a watch when you wore it.
2. Unlike the normal diffuser, you can take this bracelet diffuser to a place you want.
3. 8 felt cotton pads for different scents and this makes it easy not to mix scents.

Why you need essential oil diffuser bracelet?
1. It’s a life saver on long plane, train or driving trip.
2. For those who working in bad scents environment to keep a good scent with you.

Q: How many drops of oil will need to add?
A: It depends on whether you need a delicate or strong scent with you. Usually 3-5 drops will be enough for a whole day.

Specification: 1. Locket Diameter: 1 inch
2. Bracelet Perimeter: 8.5 inch