Entity One – LED/UV Clear Gel – 9 g/0.32 oz

Amazon.com Price: $17.95 (as of 01/12/2021 11:52 PST- Details)


Entity One Gel Technology, the one and only gel system to encapsulate nanotechnology within the nail enhancement, making it easier than ever to create nails that are durable, glossy, naturally beautiful, and second to none. The Feel Entity One Gels are a proprietary product blend featuring uniform nano-size ingredients. The tight particle network creates the perfect pre-blended mix ratio. This mix ratio gives the entire line a full body feel and perfect viscosity for ultimate workability. Entity One Gels stay where you want them and never run, making the system easy to apply. Since the mix ratio is pre-blended, you can rest assured the application will be perfect every time–resulting in incredible durability with no service breakdown. The Look The extremely small size of the nano ingredients creates a tight “surface network,” resulting in a long-lasting, scratch-resistant surface with amazing gloss and shine. This surface network also provides bubble and haze-free application with ultimate clarity for true colors. The Technology Entity One nanotechnology is unlike the nanospheres used to carry natural ingredients into the layers of the skin in our Nanovive and Rainforest product. Instead of functioning as a carrier, Entity One nanotechnology is targeted at improving application, aesthetics and final product function. The proprietary mixture of ingredients used to create our gels optimizes the mix ratio and workability. The wear benefits imparted by the nanotechnology remain within the enhancement for the life of the product.