DRY Professional | 1200W Adjustable Salon Bonnet Dryer with Roller Caster Base | Milano 2000 (Black)

Amazon.com Price: $279.99 (as of 22/10/2020 18:57 PST- Details)


The Milano 2000 by DRY Professional is the preferred professional hooded hairdryer for stylists. It’s easy to use, & probably more effective than any other Italian stand dryer currently on the market. Each Milano is hand made in Italy, and carefully inspected prior to shipment. The unit features a 60-minute timer, temperature thermostat, operation / temperature control light, and clear hood dryer with a lift up visor to allow for the best technical hairdressing and drying work. 

★ Hand Made in Italy✔

★ 60 Minute Control Timer & Precise Temperature Control Thermostat ✔

★ Operation & Temperature Display Light ✔

★ Clear Hood Dryer with Lift Up Visor ✔

★ Fully Adjustable Height Extension with Roller Caster Base Included✔