Dr Schwab Herbal Toner 8 fl.oz. / 237 ml

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Revitalizes the pores and keeps the skin pH balanced while helping to reduce blotchiness and irritation. Refreshes and tones the skin naturally. Main Ingredients: osemary extract | hops extract | hamamelis extract | aloe leaf extract | lemon bioflavonoids | vitamin E Herbal Toner is a refreshing blend of active ingredients which refresh and balance the skin. A light misting naturally refreshes, stimulates and tones while refining pores and preparing skin for additional treatment and product application. Our unique herb and mineral-rich formula with Vitamin E visibly reduces blotchiness and irritation, balances pH levels and enhances the moisture barrier to keep skin looking soothed, smooth and hydrated. Rosemary Extract, Hops Extract, and Hamamelis Extract help to balance the pH of the skin. Equisetum Arvense Extract & Linoleic Acid, combined with Lemon Bioflavonoids and Allantoin, help to keep the skin clean while reducing irritation. Vitamin E Tocopherol and Vitamin E Linoleate with a blend of Citric Acid refresh and tone the skin naturally. Application: Mist on after cleansing morning and evening or as desired, let dry, remove excess with tissue and follow with your Gingkosome or Citrusome. Recommended for all skin types.