Archipelago Botanicals Botanico De Havana Body Wash, 30 Fl Oz Price: $32.50 (as of 23/02/2021 23:50 PST- Details)

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Inspired by the bright and vibrant culture of 1940’s Havana, this body wash uses natural beauty ingredients such as coffee bean and tobacco flower to give it the distinct scent that makes it so popular. These natural ingredients are packed with antioxidants to hydrate, cleanse and detoxify the skin, as well as AHAs from fruit and milk sugars, to gently exfoliate the body. Based on our best-selling home fragrance blend of ylang ylang, tobacco flower and bergamot, our Havana-scented body wash has a clean, citrus finish and its sophisticated fragrance makes this a favorite body wash for men and women alike. Key Notes – Bergamot, Neroli, Crushed Thyme, Coriander